About The Research Centre

The Ellen G White Research Centre, located at Avondale College, promotes an accurate understanding of the life and work of Ellen G. White and God’s prophetic gift to the world as revealed in Scripture.

The Centre houses a variety of resources, such as:

  • periodicals
  • letters and manuscripts
  • articles
  • microfilm and microfiche of early Adventist periodicals and the history of pioneers.

The main task of the centre is to provide on behalf of Avondale College and the South Pacific Division and in accordance with E.G. White Estate policy, effective management and development of the mission of the Ellen G. White Research Centre.

This work embraces three areas:

Teaching – Ministry of E.G. White and Seventh-day Adventist History at Avondale College

Research – Provide an ongoing research program and development of up to date resources to answer questions about Ellen White’s work, writing, inspiration and denominational history.

Field Ministry – Provide workshops and seminars for churches to be presented during camp meetings, minister’s meetings, regional church and elder’s meetings.